Lagniappe Estate Sales Based out of Shreveport, LA

About Lagniappe Estate Sales

Started in 2010 by Randy Brown. Lagniappe has since grown to include the talents of Linda Gray and Brian Gray. Not to mention the knowledge and ability of the Timeline Antiques and Collectibles Family. This extended force gives Lagniappe the extensive knowledge and client base to handle some of the largest and most unique estates in the area. To date Lagniappe has conducted some truly outstanding Estate Sales. These sales have earned us a reputation for being above the normal. It seems fitting since the very word "Lagniappe" is French meaning a little something extra.

We focus on serving the estate sale needs of our clients with integrity, honesty, and expediency. We prepare, staff and conduct on site estate sales when possible, off site when necessary and buyouts when needed. Through diligent research and extensive contacts our goal is to maximize the value of each item. Placing your item with the proper buyer or auction utilizing internet marketing as well as print media. Not to mention word of mouth our most valuable asset.

Whatever you require. Whether your estate is multiple house or a small town home. Lagniappe has the staff and ability to handle whatever you and your family needs.

Service area

Based out of Shreveport, LA also serving Benton , LA , Blanchard , LA , Bossier City , LA , Greenwood , LA , Haughton , LA , Keithville , LA , Mansfield , LA , Minden , LA , Shreveport , LA , Springhill , LA , Vivian , LA and Waskom , TX

Services Offered

  • inpersonEstateSales
  • onlineAuctions
  • appraisalServices
  • offsiteSales
  • cleanoutServices
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Ride On Out To The Ridge.....Hickory Ridge In Bossier City

In-person estate sale

Large ranch style home, beautifully decorated. Years of travel and collecting. Hollywood Regency was the style of the day, and a few...

Ended Sat. Sep 15, 2018

Lagniappe In A Lovely Home on Leo

In-person estate sale

Hunting, electronice, furniture, kitchen wares, clothing, holiday, cameras (new and old), bicycles and even a workshop bench to make...

Ended Sat. Aug 25, 2018

Lagniappe on Bistineau !!! Come for the deals - Stay for the sunset !!!!

In-person estate sale

Three bedroom lake house packed with everything you will need to "camp" in style.  Furniture, lamps, decorator items, exercise...

Ended Sat. Jul 28, 2018

Grand Items Available To You In Hidden Trace

In-person estate sale

Beautiful home containing beautiful furnishings and decorative items is offered for sale this weekend. Worth the drive. China, crystal,...

Ended Sat. Jul 14, 2018

The Quad - Four families with possessions.....they want to sell!

In-person estate sale

75% off. For two and one half hours, tomorrow, Sunday. 12:30 - 3:00.The more you buy, the more you save.

Ended Sun. Jul 1, 2018

The Quad - Four families with possessions.....they want to sell!

In-person estate sale

Offering new, nearly new, and gently used - as well as vintage and a few antique possessions of four prominent Shreveport...

Ended Sat. Jun 30, 2018

Pictures updated! Three Levels of Beautiful Things! Yep! a grand piano. Kimball! perfectly perfect 1920's bedroom suite....if that's not your style, we offfer a mid-century modern one.. And....two of

In-person estate sale

New pictures added.   Antique - Vintage - Modern   Great furniture and accessories from all decades of design.

Ended Sat. May 19, 2018

Where Is Waldo? Shopping with Lagniappe of course.

In-person estate sale

Modern home design outside......traditional furnishings inside! One of the grandest secretaries with hutch that I ;have ever...

Ended Sat. May 12, 2018

The Celebration on Camelback Continues

In-person estate sale

Sometimes two days just are not enough.  So tomorrow, Sunday, for two hours only, we will be open. From 1pm until 3pm we will have...

Ended Sun. May 6, 2018

Celebrations on Camelback. Christmas, Easter, Mardi Gras or Halloween, this estate is full of items that make any celebration memorable.

In-person estate sale

This home was professionally decorated and many of those items are offered tor sale...custom draperies with matching cornice boards or...

Ended Sat. May 5, 2018

Going, going, Greenacres!

In-person estate sale

A very clean collection of vintage and antique items that includes, a Duncan Phyfe dining room set in the best condition I have...

Ended Sat. Apr 28, 2018

Two great sales in Greenwood, "The Gateway to Louisiana"!

In-person estate sale

Lagniappe is offering: From welding equipment and supplies to a pool table.  Furniture, small appliances, collectibles, toys,...

Ended Sat. Mar 10, 2018

Good Pickings in Apple Tree!!!

In-person estate sale

ATTENTION Parking will be difficult!! Please be considerate of the neighbors by not parking on their grass and not blocking any...

Ended Sat. Feb 24, 2018

A Beautiful and Bountiful Bocage on Benton

In-person estate sale

We have got a beautiful sale this weekend.  With a little bit of everything for everyone.  Parking is going to be a bit of an...

Ended Sat. Feb 3, 2018

A Carefully Crafted Collection on Camelback

In-person estate sale

A family lifetime of collections and belongings.  We have some gorgeous Antique 40's Dinning Suite in excellent condition.  A...

Ended Sat. Jan 27, 2018

Timeline Antiques & Shreveport Salvage Special Christmas Even Hours and Sale

In-person estate sale

We've got everything on sale starting today and going thru Sunday.  Special Hours and Sales for Christmas Eve.  Everything in...

Ended Sun. Dec 24, 2017

Open to the Public Demolition Sale of Bossier City Hotel

In-person estate sale

Attention:  WE are now open to the public.  Please bring a Flashlight, gloves, warm clothing and some friends to help you load...

Ended Fri. Dec 22, 2017

A Voluminous Value of Viewable Vendables On Victory(Minden)

In-person estate sale

We got a good pure Estate Sale in Minden for you that either live that way or don't mind a little drive.  This sale is sure to...

Ended Sat. Dec 2, 2017

A Tell of Thrilling Treasure on Thora

In-person estate sale

Attention:  The first fifty(50) people in line will receive an envelope.  Inside that envelope you will find a certificate good...

Ended Sat. Dec 2, 2017

Demolition Sale of a Huge Hotel in Bossier City

In-person estate sale

Attention:  This sale is by appointment only.  All Items are available for purchase immediately.  Please contact us via...

Ended Sat. Dec 2, 2017

Demolition Sale of a Huge Hotel in Bossier City

In-person estate sale

Attention:  This sale is by appointment only.  All Items are available for purchase immediately.  Please contact us via...

Ended Sat. Nov 25, 2017

Clearly A Collection of Capable and Capital Candidate on Charles

In-person estate sale

A few different styles abound under this roof.  Offering up something for every decor palate.  We are going to have to pay...

Ended Sat. Oct 21, 2017

The Keen Kind of Karmic Keepsakes on Kenny

In-person estate sale

1908 Burroughs Adding Machine1942 NCR on a three drawer wooden baseWe have got a nice selection of good merchandise for you this...

Ended Sat. Oct 7, 2017

A Plentiful Picking of Potential Profitable Product on Parham

In-person estate sale

The view at this sale is worth the trip out alone.  So if for no other reason be sure and visit Randy and Linda at this sale just to...

Ended Sat. Sep 30, 2017

An Obsessive Object of Occupied Offer on Oden

In-person estate sale

Just started uncovering treasures.  We have loads more coming.  A couple of housekeeping issues.  PARKING.  We have...

Ended Sat. Sep 23, 2017

A Long Line of Lingering Lots on Long Pines in Long Timbers

In-person estate sale

Attn:  Google Maps and other mapping programs show the address as 3033 Sanagra.  The sign in the neighborhood is Long...

Ended Sat. Sep 9, 2017

A Roaring Relinquishment of Revamped Rucus on River Road

In-person estate sale

We have got a packed house for you this week.  There is going to be something for everyone on your Christmas list here.  For...

Ended Sat. Aug 26, 2017

A Sure to Scare and Startle your Shadow Stellar Solar Showdown Sale

In-person estate sale

School is back in and a Solar Eclipse is upon us.  We figured it was prime time for a sale.  Featuring the entire showroom of...

Ended Sat. Aug 19, 2017

A Resoundingly Rich and Righetous Recollection on Remaining Remand on Richard

In-person estate sale

We got  doozy for ya.  This one is loaded with great collectibles along with outstanding quality furniture.  I can't even...

Ended Sat. Aug 12, 2017

A Resplendent and Rich Repost of Repertoire on River Road

In-person estate sale

A combination of two homes all presented under one roof.  Villeroy & Boch Amapola dishes, Furniture by makers such as Henredon and...

Ended Sat. Aug 5, 2017

A Rotund Residence of Righteously Represented Riches on Rhett Circle.

In-person estate sale

We have three houses all poured in to one for you this weekend.  There is a garage full of tools and a house full of collectibles...

Ended Sat. Jul 29, 2017

A Sure to Stimulate Selection of Surplus Scatterings on South Park in Springhill

In-person estate sale

In short we got a lot and lot of old tools and collectibles.  Not to mention the mid century decor,.

Ended Sat. Jul 1, 2017

Timeline Antiques Fourth of July Auction

Online auction

Here at Timeline we are constantly trying new avenues to reach our customers.  Enter, the Timeline Fourth of July Auction.  We...

Online bidding closed

A Seriously Stocked and Startlingly Sturdy Supply on Schaub

In-person estate sale

Details to come

Ended Sat. Jun 17, 2017

75% Off Sunday on Madison Park 11-2 only

In-person estate sale

75% off remaining inventory.  Pictures are of actual items available

Ended Sun. Jun 4, 2017

A Mish-Mash of Multiple Materializing Merchandise on Madison Park

In-person estate sale

WE have got one packed from bow to stern for you this weekend.  Literal Weeks in the making it as it all.  From Stainless...

Ended Sat. Jun 3, 2017

Timeline Antiques and Shreveport Salvage Mega Memorial Day Sale

In-person estate sale

Timeline Antiques and Shreveport Salvage are having a huge inventory reduction sale.  Thousands of items will be reduced to half of...

Ended Wed. May 24, 2017

Edgy and Eclectic Enticement on Edgemont

In-person estate sale

We've got some really nice furniture and house decor coming to you.  However, before you get to the pictures.  I need to ask...

Ended Sat. May 13, 2017

A Sharp and Sandy Selection of Stock on Southern Charm

In-person estate sale

This weekend's sale is located in a charming little community with narrow streets and tight turns.  Please be respectful of the...

Ended Sat. Apr 22, 2017

The online sale has been terminated.

In-person estate sale

Ladies and Gentlemen.  First let me say how very sorry I am to have to report this.  The client has decided at the last minute...

Ended Sat. Apr 8, 2017

Sure To Satisfy this Southern Hills Sale has stores of Sellables

In-person estate sale

We got a great selection of collectibles and furniture.  If you are looking for Antiques or decorator items.  We got them....

Ended Sat. Apr 8, 2017

An Engaging Resolution of Energetic Remands on E. River

In-person estate sale

Ladies and Gentlemen!  As always thank you so much for viewing our Estate Sale Listing.  I have a few housekeeping rules to get...

Ended Sat. Mar 25, 2017

Timeline needs to make room for new Inventory.

Online auction

Timeline Antiques and Collectibles is having an inventory liquidation sale.  Two trailers arrived last week and we need the room....

Online bidding closed

Stratmore Serves up a Swooning Selection of Select Sellables Soon

In-person estate sale

Coming soon is a selection of fine furniture and collectibles in South Shreveport.  When I tell you that these fine pieces are clean...

Ended Sat. Mar 11, 2017

A Crowning Compliment of Contemporary and Casual Collections on Claire Court

In-person estate sale

Outdoor Lovers beware.  We have a sale coming just for you.  Too much outdoor decorative pieces to list.  Not to worry...

Ended Sat. Mar 4, 2017

A Steady Selection of Salvage has Arrived for Sale

In-person estate sale

Count them! 3 Trailer loads have arrived in the past few days of fantastic antique wrought iron, architectural elements, farm tables,...

Ended Sat. Feb 11, 2017

Saturday Sale! It's an Outdoor Market affair with loads on sale inside

In-person estate sale

Saturday February 4th Timeline and Shreveport Salvage are having a huge sale.  Both indoors and out you are certain to find a...

Ended Sat. Feb 4, 2017

Next a New and Neat Number of Negotiable Nettings on N. Marlborough

In-person estate sale

We have a great selection of items available from this Spring Lake Home.  From Super clean furniture to project pieces.  LSU...

Ended Sat. Jan 28, 2017

Ehem! Engineers and Eclectic's Expect an Excellent Expiration of Enterprise on Ellington Way

In-person estate sale

We have for you this weekend a super clean sale of furniture, collectibles, decorative items and tools.  Lot's of tools

Ended Sat. Jan 14, 2017

A Treasure Trove of Seductive Salvage being presented by Timeline Antiques & Shreveport Salvage

In-person estate sale

Ladies and Gentlemen!  We are proud to announce the coming expansion of Shreveport Salvage.  Starting in January of 2017...

Ended Sat. Dec 24, 2016