Demolition Sale of a Huge Hotel in Bossier City

In-person estate sale

Ended Sat. Dec 2, 2017 at 3:00 PM US/Central

The sale you are looking at occurred in the past.

Sale Description

Attention:  This sale is by appointment only.  All Items are available for purchase immediately.  Please contact us via email with what you are interested in and to schedule an appointment to pick up.

Ladies and Gentlemen we have a great opportunity for you.  Lagniappe has been contracted to sell off everything inside and out of a former hotel in Bossier City.   That is to say that if you can detach, pull off, pickup or otherwise remove it.  You can buy it.   So let's take it section by section and see what we've got.  At this time we are looking for Bulk Buyers of Items.  The individual sale will be conducted, if necessary, later in December.


Stainless Steel Wash station tables, Prep Station, Work Tables, Shelving and Plate Storage.  Stainless Steel Ovens, Soup Pot, Fryer, Vent Hood, Fire Suppression system, Freezers, Racks, Canned Good Racks, Dry Goods Storage, Coffee Makers, Stainless Serving LIne, Oven, Simple Steam, Blodgett Oven, Garbage Disposal, Range Guard, Vemco Three Door Cooler, Warmer Cart, Waffle Maker, STeam Tray, Plastic Mop Sinks, Salad Spinners, Hatco Service Warmer, Sneeze Guard in Box, Curtis Satellite Server, Plates and dishes


Event Tables in all sizes, Event Chairs, Carts for carrying all materials, Narrow console tables, Podiums, Accordion Doors, Light Fixtures, Stadium Risers, Click Dance Floor, Draperies, Love Seats, Coffee Table, Sofa, Lamps, Rug, DuroTrans Light Boxes

Dinning Room:

Dinning Tables and Chairs, Console Sofa Tables, Hot Bar, High chair, Stainless Server, Coffee Maker, Coffee Ground Dispenser, Granola Bins, Chandeliers, Wood Panels, Stained Glass, Corbels

Swimming Area"

Patio Chairs and tables, Planters, Plants, Pool Filtration System installed in 2015

Bulk buyers only at this time

End Zone Bar:

Bar Top, Tables, Chairs, Dancing Pole (small stage), Mirrors, Lounge Chairs, Fixtures, and a great Bar Back Sink (perfect size for many uses), Frosty Entrance Door

Wild West Bar:

Wood Paneling on Walls, Bar Front (top and appliances gone), Mirrors, Rolling Podiums and Stage Sets, Dance Floor

Rooms:  We have Three Different Styles of Furniture and over 250 rooms full.  Examples will be set up and everything will be fixed price per piece.  Reductions will only start once the best pieces are gone.  PTAC units in every room (some run and some do not prices accordingly)  Rooms consist of a King Bed or Two XL Twins, 1 or 2 Nightstands, 2 Lamps or a Floor lamp. Sleeper Sofa, Desk, Console Table, Dresser or TV Cabinet/armoire.  Fixtures, Personal Safe, Toilet, Sink, Tub, Vanity, Holywood Lights and Mini-Fridge

Admin Offices: 

Conference Table, Shelving, Phone System, Key Organizers, Card Scan System, Manager's Desk, Filing Cabinets, Dry erase boards, fixtures., Tables, Office Chairs

Looking for Bulk Buyers for the Sale.


Startrac Pro Bike, Proform 580, Paramount Fit 3000, TV, Desk, Startrack Pro Eliptical, Mirrors

Laundry Facility:

Two Large Stainless Steel Washing Machines with automated detergent and Computerized Controls, Large Hot Water Tank, Three Industrial Dryers Older Manual Units.  Sheets, Linens, Towels, Washcloths, Ironing boards, and more.

Maintenance Room

Lockers, Door stops, Door security latch, sink count clips, lock set, electrical wire, security bars, carpet transitions, wall base adhesive, trowels, dry erase boards, file cabinet, miter box,paint pads, first aid box, desk, file cabinet, letters and pole used to install, towel bars, cat 5 wire, screws/anchors/couplings, gas cans, light switch covers, elec socket covers, ceiling tiles, motor parts, exit signs and covers, 

Misc. Items:

Maid Carts (Plastic and Metal), All can lights and light fixtures in the building, Iron Railing on both floors, Draperies in rooms, Room Doors, Multi AC units on roof of all sizes (some work and some are for parts only priced accordingly) Large Electrical Boxes, Parking lot light polls, Scrap Metal, building Siding, Large Rocks around perimeter, Caution signs, Height warning signs, Glass entry Doors, Carpets, Gates, Fencing, Fire Extinguishers some with wall mount emergency boxes.  Alarm Pulls, computer server rack, metal lock box, full size fridge, storage lockers, door mirrors, file cabinets, key box, wet floor signs, popcorn popper, and no doubt more things I am not thinking of.  Hopefully the pictures will fill in any gaps I may have missed. 

This is going to be by appointment only!

Dates & Times (US/Central)

Tue, Nov 28, 2017 8:00AM - 3:00PM
Wed, Nov 29, 2017 8:00AM - 3:00PM
Thu, Nov 30, 2017 8:00AM - 3:00PM
Fri, Dec 1, 2017 8:00AM - 3:00PM
Sat, Dec 2, 2017 8:00AM - 3:00PM

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By appointment only.

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